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 TGP OFO Effective 08/20/21 

All providers:
Due to Tennessee pipeline's OFO notice, Yankee Gas Services Company ("Yankee") dba Eversource Energy is issuing an Operational Flow Order ("OFO") critical period notice for all TGP pools effective 10am EST August 20, 2021. The effective OFO notice requires all TRS providers to ensure that nominations are not “LESS" than expected usage by more than 2%.

In addition, Yankee requests that all marketer suppliers comply with the TRS' Daily Balancing requirement and take appropriate measures to ensure that their nominations closely match their customers' usage, which also includes "leaving" gas on Yankee's system. Failure to adhere to Yankee's usage matching request of leaving no more than 5% or taking no more than 2% will result in the implementation of additional tolerance tightening, exercising of Yankee's right to reject nominations under Intra-Day Nominations, and/or subject marketer supplier to penalty provisions of Rate TRS and Rider BAL.

TGP OFO will be in place until further notice.

Please be advised that, as needed, YGS may change the OFO date due to system integrity issues or if the pipelines change their OFO. This could be on short notice, during off hours and on the weekend. Please monitor your emails.

REMINDER: Per our tariff, Yankee Gas will not accept retroactive nominations on any day in which Yankee Gas has an OFO in effect

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