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Yankee Gas Services Company
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Hartford, CT 06141-0270
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News Release
Yankee Gas Expands and Upgrades Gas Distribution System in Wilton, North Norwalk
Enhancements benefit businesses, residents; support local growth
Office:(860) 665-6212
BERLIN, Conn., April 24, 2003, (NYSE: NU) – Yankee Gas Services Company, part of the Northeast Utilities system, is upgrading and expanding its natural gas distribution system in Wilton and North Norwalk. The company extended its existing gas mains north on Route 7 in Wilton last fall, and new gas mains will be installed along Norwalk's Glover Avenue in May. Additional gas mains, supplementing the existing distribution system, have also been installed in some residential and commercial areas of North Norwalk, increasing gas supply to the area.
"Our expansion into parts of Wilton and North Norwalk will deliver more energy options to local businesses and residents, as well as support economic development in this fast-growing area of southwest Connecticut,” said Dennis E. Welch, president and COO, Yankee Gas. “This project also ensures the reliability of our distribution system by increasing the flow of natural gas to an area where demand for it is rapidly growing.”

New natural gas service in commercial areas
Yankee Gas has already installed new 12-inch steel gas main on Route 7 in Wilton, beginning at the intersection of Route 33 and moving north, making natural gas service available to businesses along that major route. In May, the company will be installing new eight-inch plastic pipe on Glover Avenue in Norwalk, another growing commercial area.
Bringing natural gas service to these areas will give energy consumers more choice and greater flexibility in the types of equipment they can use in their businesses or homes. The addition of natural gas service also provides environmental benefits that are especially important in southwest Connecticut. Natural gas is the cleanest of the fossil fuels and is piped directly to the customer's business or residence, eliminating the need for storage tanks that take up valuable space and create environmental risks.

Upgrading gas mains in other areas
Yankee Gas has upgraded its existing distribution system by adding 12-inch and six-inch steel main in other areas of Norwalk, insuring a reliable natural gas supply to meet current and future needs. These additional mains were installed on Ponus and New Caanan Avenues, as well as the following residential streets: Sachem Street, Newfield Street, Tracy Street, June Avenue, Springhill Avenue, Silvermine Avenue, Slocum Street, Lakeview Drive and Broad Street, from Lakeview Drive to Main Avenue. Permanent road restoration on these streets is now underway. In addition, Yankee will be installing main on Broad Street at the railroad tracks near Main Avenue later this year.

Yankee Energy System, Inc., (YES) which is part of the Northeast Utilities System, includes Yankee Gas Services Company, the largest natural gas distribution company in Connecticut serving approximately 191,000 customers in 70 cities and towns throughout the state. Yankee Energy also includes Yankee Energy Financial Services Company, which provides a full range of residential and commercial energy equipment financing options. Further information about YES can be obtained from its Web sites: www.yankeeenergy.com, www.yankeegas.com and www.yankeefinancialservices.com

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