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Yankee Gas Services Company
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News Release
Yankee Gas Reminds Customers to Keep Outdoor Meters and Appliance Vents Free of Snow and Ice
Blocked vents could result in loss of natural gas heat or hot water service
Office:(860) 665-6212
BERLIN , Conn., December 8, 2003 (NYSE: NU) – Yankee Gas Services Company, part of the Northeast Utilities system, reminds customers with outdoor natural gas meters or with water heaters or furnaces that are vented to the outside, to keep meters and appliance vents clear of snow and ice to ensure continued service. With the large amounts of snow that fell across Connecticut this weekend, it’s possible for snow to accumulate and block meter and appliance vents, causing loss of heat or hot water service.

Although your outdoor natural gas meter and equipment are designed to withstand harsh winter weather conditions, many home heating systems have a safety feature that shuts off heaters when natural gas meters or appliances are not venting properly. Natural gas meters are usually located about 15 inches off the ground, while appliances that are vented to the outside of a house are usually only a foot to three feet off the ground. If you find snow is near your outdoor meter or appliance vent, it’s important that you gently brush it away to keep the vent clear.

Yankee Gas also reminds customers to check on their elderly neighbors and make sure the area around their natural gas meter is free of snow and ice accumulation. And if you live in a condominium, it is a good idea to call your condominium association to check for blocked outdoor meter and appliance vents.

To avoid natural gas service problems, customers are advised to follow these basic tips:

Keep your meter and appliance vents clear of snow and ice
Keep the meter visible at all times and accessible for maintenance and emergency responders, such as Yankee Gas service mechanics and public safety officials
Make sure water dripping from your eaves or roof is not freezing on the meter
Keep meter and appliance vents unobstructed and free of debris
Never kick or hit your natural gas meter or its piping to break away built-up snow or ice

Yankee Energy System, Inc, (YES) which is part of the Northeast Utilities system, includes Yankee Gas Services Company, the largest natural gas distribution company in Connecticut serving approximately 191,000 customers in 71 cities and towns throughout the state. Yankee Energy also includes Yankee Energy Financial Services Company, which provides a full range of residential and commercial energy equipment financing options. Further information about YES can be obtained from its Web sites: www.yankeeenergy.com, www.yankeegas.com and www.yankeefinancialservices.com

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