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News Release
Yankee Gas, CL&P Extend Environmental Initiative
Use of Biodiesel Fuel Reducing Emissions From Trucks and Equipment
MEDIA CONTACT:Mary Ingarra, Yankee GasChris Riley, Connecticut Light & Power

-- Yankee Gas Services Company and the Connecticut Light and Power Company (CL&P), subsidiaries of the Northeast Utilities system are switching portions of their diesel equipment in their fleets to operate on biodiesel, an alternative fuel created by mixing diesel fuel and soybean oil.

Biodiesel fuel is cleaner than traditional diesel fuel so vehicles operating on the fuel produce fewer harmful emissions. While biodiesel is ineffective in colder weather due to its viscosity, the fuel is ideal for reducing emissions during warmer months when air quality is of greater concern. Biodiesel fuel is used from April through October.

This is the second year Yankee Gas is using biodiesel fuel in 85 trucks and backhoes in its fleet with fueling taking place at Yankee's East Windsor, Meriden, Torrington and Waterbury facilities. About 7,000 gallons is used between April and October.

"Using biodiesel fuel allows us to reduce emissions from a significant portion of our vehicles and equipment. In our business we have trucks and heavy equipment in use every day to maintain our distribution system and serve our customers," said Christopher L. Beschler, vice president of Operations. "Protecting the environment is one of our core values and by employing this new fuel option, we are doing something positive to improve the quality of the air we breathe. This is especially important in heavily congested areas. Plus, it's good business."

CL&P is now in its third year of using biodiesel and has nearly 300 vehicles and pieces of equipment – line trucks, fork lifts, portable generators – using the alternate fuel. CL&P uses approximately 15,000 gallons of biodiesel each month and has on-site fueling at nine locations across the state – Berlin, Cheshire, East Windsor, Middletown, Newtown, Simsbury, Tolland, Torrington, and Waterbury.

While biodiesel is slightly more expensive than regular diesel fuel, Yankee Gas and CL&P save money through a fueling arrangement with East Coast Petroleum of Waterbury, which delivers to the companies’ fueling locations across the state.

According to the National Biodiesel Board, industry studies indicate that use of B20 biodiesel (a mix a of 20 percent soy bean oil to 80 percent diesel fuel) reduces airborne emissions of hydrocarbons by up to 30 percent, carbon monoxide by up to 20 percent and particulate matter by up to 15 percent, and sulfur emissions are virtually eliminated. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved use of biodiesel for fleets needing to comply with the requirements of the Energy Policy Act.

Yankee Gas Services Company (Yankee Gas) is Connecticut's largest natural gas distribution company, delivering safe, reliable natural gas service to approximately 194,000 customers in 71 cities and towns. Yankee Gas is expanding Connecticut's energy options and increasing customer choice by extending the availability of clean, efficient natural gas throughout the state. Yankee Gas is part of the Northeast Utilities System (NYSE: NU). For more information, please visit www.yankeegas.com.

The Connecticut Light and Power Company (CL&P) has been part of everyday life in Connecticut for more than 100 years, providing safe and reliable electric service to homes, neighborhoods and businesses. With more than 1.1 million customers in 149 cities and towns, CL&P is an active member in the communities it serves, offering programs in energy conservation, economic development and environmental education. CL&P is part of the Northeast Utilities System (NYSE: NU). For more information, please visit www.cl-p.com.

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