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Binghamton, NY, August 13, 2002 -- August 13, 2002 Community Energy, Inc (CEI), U.S. Congressman Maurice Hinchey, and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) today announced that the Binghamton Federal Building is the first federal facility in the country to be powered entirely by wind generated electricity. Speaking at a news conference on the steps of the Binghamton Federal Building, representatives stated that 100% of the building’s electricity needs (approximately 500,000 kWh per year) are being supplied by new “wind farms” recently opened in upstate New York.

Community Energy, Inc (CEI) presented awards to Congressman Maurice Hinchey for his efforts in promoting the wind energy purchase, and to the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) for their groundbreaking procurement of New Wind EnergyTM for the building.

The Federal contract for wind energy covers one-hundred percent of the facilities' usage for 34 months, beginning in July of 2002. The wind energy is being supplied by the 30 Megawatt wind farm in Fenner, NY, which went on-line last fall with funding support from the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA).

Brent Alderfer, President of CEI, praised Congressman Maurice Hinchey and the GSA’s Regional Energy office for their national leadership: "Congressman Hinchey and the GSA have raised the bar in the public green power market by purchasing 100% wind energy for the Binghamton Federal Building. That's true energy leadership. Wind Energy is America's best—no fuel, no smoke, no pollution. This purchase sets a national standard for other public agencies to follow."

Alderfer went on to say that the wind energy for the Binghamton building also provides New York State with economic development benefits, expands tax revenues for rural communities, and decreases America’s reliance on foreign energy sources.

"I am proud that the Binghamton Federal Building, which houses my district office, will be the first in the country to be powered entirely by wind generated electricity. GSA is setting a great example here”, said U.S. Congressman Maurice Hinchey. "The federal government should be doing much more to promote the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies through tax incentives and increased funding for research. By promoting these technologies, the United States can become a global energy leader and strengthen our economy, instead of spending tens of billions of dollars on foreign oil every year.”

Hinchey concluded by saying that “increased funding and incentives for renewable energy technologies could create millions of high-wage jobs, while saving energy, reducing pollution, cleaning up the environment, and ending our addiction to foreign oil."

Karl Reichelt, GSA Regional Administrator, said that “…using wind power conforms to one of GSA's strategic goals of being environmentally responsible as a federal government agency. The GSA is pleased to uphold President Bush's commitment to protecting the environment by exploring alternative energy uses”.

The wind electricity is being provided to the Binghamton Federal Building as an addendum to GSA's electric supply contract with Select Energy. "We salute GSA and the entire project team for taking this significant step," said Richard Cohen, vice president of Select Energy's New York operations based in Syracuse. "We are committed to helping business and institutional customers take advantage of the opportunities of energy deregulation and make choices that reflect their long-term strategic goals and values." Select Energy is a leading provider of competitive energy supply and services for business and institutional customers in 11 states from Maine to Maryland. More information is available at www.selectenergy.com.

The sale of 100% wind generated electricity to the Binghamton Federal Building is being accomplished with the cooperation of NYSEG. "NYSEG congratulates the GSA on this historic purchase. We are proud that it has occurred in our service area, and that we are able to provide support", said Jeffery K. Smith, NYSEG Senior Vice President-Corporate Development.

Wind energy is a fuel free, zero-emission electric power source. Compared to the average generation mix of a spot market purchase from the NY ISO, the Binghamton Federal Building wind purchase will annually offset approximately 772,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, a leading cause of global warming. The emissions reductions are equivalent to planting over 52,000 trees each year.

Community Energy, Inc. (CEI) is the leading marketer of wind-generated electricity, under the New Wind Energy™ brand. CEI brought the first commercial wind plant on line in the competitive Pennsylvania market in 1999, and since then has expanded the market for pollution-free electricity with the largest wind-farms east of the Mississippi. CEI customers include the five largest purchasers of wind-generated electricity in the nation.

The Binghamton Federal Building purchase follows last week's announcement of the first commercial purchases of wind energy in New York State with support from NYSERDA's "Green Marketing Support Program", which aims to build and sustain consumer demand for renewable energy in New York.

More information on how to purchase wind energy is available on the web at www.NewWindEnergy.com.


Community Energy: Ron Kamen 607-724-0100 / 917-453-5740

Congressman Maurice Hinchey: Kevin O’Connell 202-225-6335

U.S. GSA: Cassandra Henderson 212-264-8260

NYSEG: Clay Ellis 607-762-7336

NYSERDA: Ray Hull 518-862-1090 x3356

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