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CL&P Continues Work to Improve Reliability of Transmission Network
Large Equipment Delivery Planned for One Evening

BERLIN, Connecticut, October 7, 2010 — The Connecticut Light and Power Company (CL&P), part of Northeast Utilities (NYSE: NU), will be moving an autotransformer, a large piece of electrical equipment, through parts of Manchester, Conn. Weather and special travel restrictions for the hauler have narrowed the delivery schedule to occur on one evening – either a Tuesday or Wednesday evening during the next two weeks. This move is expected to take about four hours to complete.

The work involves a police-escorted convoy to begin moving the 518,000-pound piece of equipment at about 9 p.m. The move is scheduled for a time when traffic is light to minimize inconvenience to residents. The convoy route is as follows:
-- Departs from a railroad siding near North Main Street.
-- Right onto Main Street.
-- Right onto Hilliard Street.
-- Proceeds through the Woodland Street intersection onto Broad Street.
-- Right onto West Center Street, terminating at a nearby paved parking site.

The convoy is scheduled to reach its destination by about 1 a.m.

State and local police will be escorting the convoy and providing traffic controls at key points along the route.

Police will direct motorists around two temporary bridges that will be installed at Broad Street and West Center Street after 9 p.m. The bridges are being used to accommodate the additional weight and size of the special truck carrying the electrical equipment. These bridges will be removed once the convoy passes the sites.

Motorists are also reminded not to park on streets along the route that are currently designated “No Parking” areas. Illegally parked cars will obstruct the movement of the special oversized truck carrying the equipment.

Customers with questions or concerns related to this work may call CL&P’s Transmission Information Line at 1-800-793-2202.

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